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Do you offer same-day delivery?

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You asked, we answered

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods: Check, Credit Cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Cash.... In accordance with the terms specified in the quote.

How far do our services extend?

Travel Fee included in the following regions: 50miles radius around Kent CT  Beyond these regions, we charge $5/extra mile round trip (excl. VAT)

What does the customer need to supply to keep the Food Truck running?

A free space of 20 m2, dedicated electrical outlets (at least 1 classic outlet supporting 220 V, 16 A, 3600 W, we bring extension cords).

What's in the Pre-Set menu?

The price of our Pre-Set Menus includes the entire service: Lunch, snack or dinner: all our Pre-Set Menus are "all inclusive": all consumables, service, travel, dishes.

Are the crepes prepared in advance?

Our crêpes are pre-cooked in our premises to ensure a fast service and are placed at the end of the cooking on our Crepe Chef in front of your guests. They will be decorated by our Crepe Chef during the cooking with fillings ( Nutella - Lemon sugar - Chocolate chips - Salted butter caramel - Maple syrup - Strawberries - Bananas .... ).

Your crêpes will be served on a plate or in a traditional crêpe cone with fillings and toppings (Nutella, strawberry jam, chocolate coulis, salted caramel ...).

Can I have macaroons or ice cream (or other delicacies) in addition to crêpes?

Yes, we can offer your guests ice cream or other services related to French specialty foods.

What allergens are in the crepes?

Basic crepes are made with milk, butter, wheat flour and eggs.

Ask for dairy-free or gluten-free options for special needs.

Do we provide utensils?

Yes, we have you covered, we bring everything you need to have the best experience with your crepes (crepe holders, plates, forks and knives, cups, napkins...).

How many crepes can the Crepe Chef make in an hour?

80 crêpes in one hour. If your event is larger and/or you need faster service, we can provide multiple carts, buffets and crêpiers. Just ask.

How long will the Staff be on duty?

3 hours. Each additional hour is an additional $300 before tax.

What will the staff wear?

Elegant uniform with black apron.

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