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Flat World Delights - America

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Welcome to Flat World Delights of AMERICA & Caribbean

February 2024 - Grégoire PYE

Let's go for "Flat World Delights": A culinary exploration of crêpes from AMERICA and Caribbean.
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South American Crepes
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Note: the various crepes/pancakes documented in the blog (ingredients, preparation, variations,


History and characteristics of American Pancakes

Learn more about the "Flat World Delights - America & Caribbean":

i) North America (USA, Canada, Mexico )

-...Although the name "pancake" first appeared in the 15th century, it wasn't until the 19th century that it became a standard in North America. The recipe was probably brought to America by German immigrants. Finally, Canadians, whether in Quebec or New Brunswick, prefer the terms "crêpes" or "crêpes américaines".

-...Pancakes or "Panqueques" in Spanish in Mexico, are very different in appearance and taste from French crepes, being smaller in diameter (between 5 and 10 cm) and, above all, thicker. The thickness is due to the consistency of the batter, which results from the use of a leavening agent such as baking soda or baking powder.

It's usually eaten sweet, with maple syrup, jam or honey, or savory, with butter (to melt on the hot pancake), eggs and bacon.

ii) South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru ...)

-...In South America, pancakes are commonly known as tortillas (delhaize), which are dry cornmeal pancakes. The name comes from the Spanish conquistadors, who thought the pancake resembled their own tortilla, the Spanish omelette. A Venezuelan specialty, Cachapas, for example, is a thick corn pancake filled with queso de mano, a local cheese.

-...Brazil, Colombia stand out for its crepioca or tapioca (manioc) pancakes. Cooked on a frying pan, they are ultra-thin, all white and beautiful to look at, a kind of gastronomic lace. Very versatile and super gourmet with condensed milk and grated coconut.

-...Most pancakes are sweet, some are salty, but only Peruvian-style pancakes use the legendary Salsa Huancaina as an ingredient. Salsa Huancaina is a spicy cheese sauce, and Peruvians serve it with everything from potatoes to fried chicken.

iii) Caribbean Community (Puerto Rico ...)

The most iconic crepe in the Caribbean is the Arepas de Coco, a vegan, coconut-fried bread made with five simple ingredients that is popular in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. They're delicious as a side dish, snack, or stuffed with anything savory, salty, or sweet.

Final Comments

Whether fried for breakfast, a snack or dinner, crêpes are endlessly versatile and reinvented throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. From the United States to Venezuela to the West Indies, crêpes and galettes can be found year-round, with textures and flavors that vary from country to country and region to region.

Whether they're thin or thick, sometimes with holes, light or airy, sweet or savory, they can be reinvented ad infinitum while remaining delicious and appetizing.

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