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Flat World Delights - Africa

Welcome to Flat World Delights of Africa

February 2024 - Grégoire PYE

Let's go for "Flat World Delights": A culinary exploration of crêpes from AFRICA.

Crepe Map of AFRICA

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North Africa Flag
West Africa Flag
East Africa Flag
South Africa Flag
Map of crepe specialties from different regions of Africa and Middle East

Notethe various crepes/pancakes documented in the blog (ingredients, preparation, variations,
history, cultural significance...) are indicated on the map by the flag of their country of origin.

History and characteristics of African Pancakes 

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i) North African (Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia ... )

-...In Morocco, Aghrirs, also known as "thousand-hole pancakes," are very light and airy. Traditionally made with wheat flour and eggs, they are served with melted butter and honey.

-...Msemen or Msemen or Madlouka, Meloui are very popular in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Msemen differ from Baghrirs in their flakiness. Made with flour and extra fine semolina, they are pan-fried and served drizzled with honey.

ii) Western Africa (Nigeria ...)

-...Akara is a snack that originated in Nigeria and has migrated to a number of West African countries as well as Brazil. Akara is a traditional Nigerian snack that is also popular in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Mali and Gambia. It is a fried doughnut often served for breakfast or as a snack. Most recipes use cornstarch. If cornstarch is not available, other equivalent beans can be used instead.

iii)  South Africa (South Africa ...)

-... South African Pannekoek or Pancakes are made with a few simple ingredients and are traditionally served with cinnamon sugar, and sometimes lemon juice. These pannekoek or pannenkoek are the South African or Dutch versions of a French crepe. They are slightly thicker than a crepe and a bit smaller in diameter. This variation of pancake is found in England, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, and surrounding areas.

iv) Eastern Africa (Ethiopia ...)

-... In Ethiopian cuisine, injera is a type of large pancake made with flour from local grains such as white, red, or black teff and shared among several people.

Final Comments

Whether fried for breakfast, a snack or dinner, crêpes are endlessly versatile and reinvented throughout the Africa. From the Maghreb to South Africa, crêpes and flatbreads can be found year-round, with textures and flavors that vary from country to country and region to region.

Whether they're thin or thick, sometimes with holes, light or airy, sweet or savory, they can be reinvented ad infinitum while remaining delicious and appetizing.

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